MA Theses

Thesis Title Student name Thesis Supervisor(s) Year

Assessing early childhood education teachers' creative self-efficacy and self-autonomy for art education

Şeyda Erdem Zeynep Berna Erdiller Yatmaz 2023

The effects of role-playing on children's attention and inhibitory control skills

Beyza Şi̇rvan Ayaz Ayşegül Meti̇ndoğan 2023

The mediating role of self-regulation on the relationship between parenting styles and problem behaviors among preschoolers

Kevser Çeli̇ker Cengi̇z Ayşegül Meti̇ndoğan 2022

Investigating the relationship between executive functions and patterning knowledge in children aged 4 to 7 years

Burcu Şanlı Kanmaz Ayşegül Meti̇ndoğan 2023

Predicting child abuse potential: interplay of parents' attachment histories, trauma, and quality of spousal relationship

Sena Tepebağlı Ayşegül Meti̇ndoğan 2023

Children's rights in relation to perceived parenting styles and parental well-being

Ayli̇n Yetgen Ersoy Erdemi̇r 2023

Resilient youths' perspectives on their current subjective well-being in retrospect to early childhood adverse experiences

Nesli̇han Şahi̇n Altan Ersoy Erdemi̇r 2023

Examining Turkish preschool teachers' knowledge and beliefs in relation to early literacy

Şeymanur Sarrafoğlu Çalışkan Zeynep Berna Erdi̇ller Yatmaz, Nalan Babür 2023

How to design an interactive classroom with children to boost their epistemic curiosity

Esra Özkara Zeynep Berna Erdiller Yatmaz 2023

Investigation of Families’ Leisure Activities and Use of Green Space During the COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions

Beyhan Ataş Mine Göl Güven 2022

Investigation of mothers’ play beliefs in the relationship between mothers’ life satisfaction and children’s wellbeing

Gülen Şahin Mine Göl Güven 2022

Exploring Early Childhood Teachers’ Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge and Experiences of Technology Integrated Teaching

Büşra Gündeş Orman Ersoy Erdemir 2022

"Our Life Has Changed so Much”: Researching COVID-19 Phenomenon with First Grade Children

Elif Kevser Dereli Özengen Zeynep Berna Erdiller Yatmaz 2022

Using Mindfulness to Support Children's Social and Emotional Learning in a Kindergarten: A Teacher's Perspective

Hatice Kılavuz Doğan Mine Göl Güven 2021

Understanding Play From Children's Perspectives: A Phenomenological Study 

Hatice Sapmaz Mine Göl Güven 2020

Children's perspectives on the ideal preschool classroom community: An ethnographic case study 

Tuğba Aladağ Ersoy Erdemir 2019

Exploring children's play culture in an early childhood classroom: An ethnographic study 

Ragibe Yeşil Zeynep Berna Yatmaz 2019

Development of a scale on primary school teachers' knowledge and perception of dyslexia 

Duygu Tosun Nalan Babür, Serkan Arıkan 2019

Child participation in the family: A phenomenological study of fifth-grade girls' awareness and experiences 

Eda Özdil Zeynep Berna Yatmaz 2019

The subjective well-being of children in public primary schools 

Şeyda Karan Ersoy Erdemir 2019

Differentiating poor and good readers in second grade: Cognitive and linguistic variables 

Semanur Kuzucu Örge Nalan Babür 2018

Children's resilience, emotion regulation, social competence, and problem behaviors in an at-risk community in Turkey

Yasemin Fırat Ayşe Gül Metindoğan 2018

An evaluation of the forest school program in a state preschool in İstanbul 

Sümeyye Büşra Eroğlu Ayşe Gül Metindoğan 2018

Factors associated with school readiness in Turkey 

Merve Özgünlü Ayşe Gül Metindoğan 2017

Children's participation in the preschool classroom: An ethnographic case study

Fetiye Erbil Zeynep Berna Yatmaz 2017

Preschool - aged children's media use and its relationship to their prosocial and aggressive behaviour

Seçil İnanlı Ayşe Gül Metindoğan 2015

Fifth Graders' Compherension of Expository Texts: Performance Differences between Poor and Adequate Readers

Zeynep Gonca Akdemir Serkan Özel, Nalan Babür 2018

The reliability and validity study of Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN) in Turkish children

Hande Bakır Nalan Babür 2007

Rapid automatized naming in relation to some other reading components and reading skills of second graders

Bella Abolafya Nalan Babür 2008

Examining the early predictors of number sense among first graders

Merve Aşık Nalan Babür 2013

A Woman Coordinator in an Early Childhood Education Center: A Case Study on Defining Leadership based on Feminine Perspective. 


Yağmur Seven Mine Göl Güven 2014

The Relationship between Teachers’ Power Perception, Teachers’ Definition of Child, And Child-Teacher Interaction

Nehir Cabi Zengin Mine Göl Güven 2016