Vision and Mission Statements

Department of Primary Education

Undergraduate in Preschool Education


The aim of the Early Childhood Education Program is to train specialists to provide quality services to children and their families between 0-8 years in different settings. For this; program graduates are aimed at acquiring knowledge and understanding of the child, providing experiences that support the development and education of children, and providing knowledge and skills to support the family in child development and education. The mission of the program is to provide students with the knowledge and understanding of child development theories and scientific research, who are using and applying the information correctly, who are constantly renewing their knowledge and practice by following the latest scientific developments. These  specialists can assess the child's life holistically and are not limited to formal educational environments. Experts are targeted to be field experts who support the development and education of the child in both informal and formal areas and who have a critical view of the impact of socio-political practices on the childhood that understand the socio-cultural context of the child.


To carry out scientific studies in the field of development and education of children in early childhood, to provide practical contribution of these studies, to develop teaching and expertise skills in the light of studies done, to strengthen educational structures which are identified with universal and local values, to provide informal and formal education to family participation and contribution.