Departmental Info

The Department of Primary Education offers a four-year program leading to a bachelor's degree and a two-year program leading to a master’s degree in Preschool Education.

The Undergraduate Program in Preschool Education aims to develop knowledge and skills for professionals who will be working in various environments with children up to the age of 8 years. The aim is not limited to training preschool teacher candidates but also to educating competent professionals who will be working with the families of young children, with social institutions related to health and education, and with the community to promote community development. The program combines theoretical training and field experience, and offers a scientific vision based on current research. Courses in the undergraduate program are offered by various departments of the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Courses offered by Department of Primary Education are grouped within three main categories of courses; theory, practice and research.  Topics of theoretical courses aim at providing fundamentals of early childhood education and vary from early intervention and child development theories to special education and literacy in early childhood. Research courses aim at developing research skills and involve topics about research methods and curriculum development. Courses related to music and movement, community practice, art activities, and practicum form a part of practice-based courses.  The department has a children’s library and laboratory for the use of pre-service teachers in practice-based courses. Variety of children’ books and educational materials are provided within children’s library and laboratory.