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Department Chair
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Ph.D: Marmara University, Educational Sciences, 1995-1999

Doctoral dissertation: Self-esteem and vocational self-esteem enhancement through group counseling

M.A: Marmara University, Psychological Services in Education, 1993-1995

B.A: Istanbul University, Guidance and Psychological Counseling, 1989-1993

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Ph.D:  State University of New York at Buffalo, Learning and Instruction, 2008-2013 / Graduate School of Education

Doctoral Dissertation: Vocabulary development trajectories of an emergent bilingual child: Linguistic, instructional, and socio-Interactional perspectives in preschool

M.A: State University of New York at Buffalo, Learning and Instruction,  2006-2008 / Graduate School of Education

B.A: Anadolu University, Faculty of Education, 2002-2006

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Ph.D:  Indiana University Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction, April 1998 – 2003

            Major of Study: Early Childhood Education

            Minor of Study: Family Studies

Doctoral Dissertation: Self-Reported Beliefs and Practices of Early Childhood Education Teachers in Turkey

BA: Hacettepe University BS. in Sociology, 1993- 1997



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Ph.D. , Pennsylvania State University, Department of Curriculum & Instruction with Early Childhood Education emphasis, University Park, PA, 2002-2006   

Doctoral dissertation: Fire bee versus ABC: Cultural varieties in mother-child play interactions in a playgroup and at home

M.S. ,  Syracuse University, Department of Child and Family Studies, Syracuse, NY, 1999-2001  

B.S. , Istanbul University, Department of Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Istanbul, Turkey, 1993-1997  



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Ph.D: Istanbul University, Psychological Services in Education, 2008-2011

Doctoral dissertation: A qualitative analysis of teacher-student interaction in terms of social constructionist approach

M.A: Istanbul University, Psychological Services in Education, 2006-2008

B.A: Middle East Technical University, Department of Psychology, 1999-2003

0 212 359 7791

MS: İstanbul Bilgi University, Clinical Psychology Program, Marriage and Couple Therapy, İstanbul, Turkey, 2017

PhD: Syracuse University, Department of Child and Family Studies, Syracuse, NY, 2007

Doctoral dissertation: Parenting, child mastery motivation, and children's school readiness to learn in Turkey: A structural equation analysis

MS: Syracuse University, Department of Child and Family Studies, Syracuse, NY, 2001

BA: Ankara Üniversitesi, Psychological Services in Education, Ankara, Turkey, 1997